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Posted By Alibi Jones

Alibi Jones In Over His Head is out NOW in the new comic book anthology Earthbound Comics Presents #1! Read about Alibi's encounter with the aquatic alien race the Kee'Klick, and the complications involved.


Ain't It Cool News said Alibi Jones In Over His Head "is a gentle, humorous tale that brings to mind the lighter works of sci-fi legends such as Henry Kuttner or Ray Bradbury, dealing with the inevitable complications that accompany the meetings of two different cultures."


Get a digital copy of Earthbound Comics Presents #1 at Drive Thru: Or in print from Indy Planet: More info at


Here's page one of the comic:

Alibi Jones In Over His Head Page One


And coming October 1st, it's The Adventures of Alibi Jones #1 - from Earthbound Comics!

Posted By Alibi Jones

Spacebound #1 is out - with a brand-new Alibi Jones short story...


Check out Alibi Jones: Blind Eye in the new anthology from Earthbound Comics! Available now at Indy Planet:


A prequel of sorts to the novel Alibi Jones, Blind Eye takes place (mostly) on the human colony world known as Cat's Eye. A perfect entryway into the world of Alibi Jones!


Here's a preview of page one. The stunning artwork is by Meisha:

Alibi Jones Page One By Mike Luoma and Meisha


Order yours today at Indy Planet:


Spacebound #1

Posted By Alibi Jones

The folks at Earthbound Comics will soon be releasing Spacebound #1 - with a prequel short story to my novel Alibi Jones as one half of the double feature! They just posted the cover tonight over on facebook: