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Posted By Alibi Jones

BC and Drex the Pilot just arrived at Fortune Station. When BC last left here, Reverend Kim and The Light's cult were squatting the place – so why is it now surrounded by UTZ warships? Find out in Chapter Twenty-Eight of Vatican AssassinThe 15th Anniversary Edition. Free, original, independent science fiction each week from host, author and narrator Mike Luoma – on Glow-in-the-Dark Radio!

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Music by Kevin MacLeod ( / Show theme - "Hitman". Vatican Assassin theme - "Phantom From Space".

Posted By Alibi Jones
This episode opens as Alibi Jones and his crew on The Hornet's Nest ready their unprecedented attempt to move the base the coming morning. Emily Brown, Katie Ramsey and DJ talk the mission and more over a meal at the mess hall. Meanwhile, a couple other folks are messing around... in three brand-new chapters of The Star Seeds of Earth! Free, original, independent audio science fiction adventure from author, host, and narrator Mike Luoma, on every episode of Glow-in-the-Dark Radio!

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Music by Kevin MacLeod ( / Show theme - "Hitman". Star Seeds of Earth theme - "Echoes of Time".