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If you enjoy reading Alibi Jones: Vacation and want to read more of the adventures of Alibi Jones, you'll be glad to know the price on ALL of my ebook novels including Alibi Jones is now just $2.99. For your Kindle or your Nook, on your iPad or however you read your ebook, just $2.99!
You could even go back before the beginning and start with Vatican Assassin. It's all in the family, as the assassin in question is Alibi's sire BC - Bernard Campion - who kills for the Pope of the New catholic Church. BC's trilogy starts with him on assignment on the Moon - sent there apparently as a papal PR man but actually as a killer, targeting Governor Meredith McEntyre of Lunar Prime!
Get in on the contest - get your copy of Alibi Jones: Vacation today: Find out more about all of my books - and how you can listen to my audiobooks for free - at

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