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Posted By Alibi Jones

Glow-in-the-Dark Radio's FREE book for September is the first book in The Adventures of Alibi Jones - the original novel Alibi Jones, by Mike Luoma. Your chance to check out the start of the science fiction adventure series risk-free! 

Alibi Jones is a mediator for the Solar Alliance in the early 22nd Century, searching for a kidnapped friend with the help of the mysterious alien Dakhur, Kit, and the man known as Piccolo. Alibi doesn't know following the trail of alien kidnappers will lead to a shocking discovery - Dangers thought long-dead are still very much ALIVE!

Get your free pdf of the book at Drive Thru Comics and/or Fiction:
Drive Thru Comics:
Drive Thru Fiction:

There's also a code to use at Smashwords, where you can get ALIBI JONES in any eBook format - for now, that's exclusive to the podcast, but you can find it in the podcast notes...


Alibi Jones - New Cover!

Please, enjoy the read, and feel free to share the links and the ebook with your friends all month!

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