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New this week! For the first time since they were aired on Mike Luoma's Glow-in-the-Dark Radio Podcast, the stories in "The Time War of the Devrizium" are together, offered for free download at!

 Now At Podiobooks! Click Here

"About Time" - "Remember Two Things" - "Memory, Yet Green" - and "The Last Battle" tell the story of time-travelling aliens The Devrizium and their attempts to wipe out Alibi Jones. Somehow Alibi's very existence in the current time-stream is a threat to The Devrizium's own continued corporeality.

It begins in "About Time" with a stolen Devrizium time-travel device. That first appeared in The Adventures of Alibi Jones: Six Short Stories, repeated here to include it with the rest of the Devrizium tales. The illustrated "About Time" can be found in The Adventures of Alibi Jones #1 - the comic book - with art by Meisha. At comiXology, DriveThruComics, and Indy Planet.

"About Time" - Alibi runs into an old... friend? She's brought a mysterious package with her and a whole lot of trouble on her trail!

"Remember Two Things" - The appearance of The Devrizium in "About Time" was just the beginning. The only problem is that now, Alibi remembers that incident happening two different ways! Time itself may be broken.

"Memory, Yet Green" - Alibi Jones is a 91 year old man waking up next to his wife as the blue sun rises on Rigel 4. Only problem? Alibi doesn't remember growing old!

"The Last Battle"- The Last Battle of the Time War! Alibi is captured and hauled before the ruling council of The Devrizium to answer for his "crimes".

Get them now as free, downloadable podcasts from and on iTunes. You can also get this collection in paperback at Lulu & as an eBook at Smashwords & DriveThruFiction, or both at Amazon.

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