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The People Have Spoken! Or at least voted online for what they wanted to hear next – what you wanted to hear next. The choice has been made, and in the last few hours, too – it was a tie right through last night! Host, writer and reader Mike Luoma was ready for either choice – the newly freshened up audio of Vatican Abdicator continuing on after Vatican Ambassador, or the not-yet-heard – nor even performed – final draft version of the newest Alibi Jones novel, Alibi Jones and the Hornet's Nest. Originally presented in development, the earliest chapters heard were nearly first-draft versions.

So which is it? Listen in and find out! And hear all about the new Alibi Jones book coming out this week as well as news on a newly free book. Lots packed into this episode of Glow-in-the-Dark Radio! Free audio Science Fiction every week - subscribe for free on iTunes.

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