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Happy Halloween! Celebrate with a little Poe-in-the-Dark Radio! I'll read you some Poe-Ms... listen after the science fiction for three poems by Edgar Allan Poe on this week's show... after we check in with Alibi Jones! He's been able to move asteroids out of the way of their base The Hornet's Nest using telekinesis. But he's not moving enough of them to be effective. And now, their old crewmate Brisby is leading an assault on the base for the Solar Alliance! Alibi must give up his telekinetic experimentation and join the fight, in Chapters Eighty-Eight and Eighty-Nine of The Star Seeds of Earth! Writer, host and narrator Mike Luoma brings you free, original, independent audio science fiction adventure every week on Glow-in-the-Dark Radio!

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Music by Kevin MacLeod ( / Show theme - "Hitman". Star Seeds of Earth theme - "Echoes of Time". For the EAP portion, "Come Play with Me", "Unseen Horrors" and "Bent and Broken". The Evil Laugh is by The Baron at

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