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Join the search for a Star Seed! Alibi Jones is on the hunt for a semi-mythical object for the enigmatic Finder, one of the Ancient Enemy’s Star Seeds – with which they’d hoped to re-populate the universe after their defeat a million years ago. Alibi’s quest has led him to a Vermont mountainside, in search of a stone chamber. But what he’s found is an ornery old Vermonter with a shotgun – who’s  not fond of trespassers!

The Star Seeds of Earth begins on Glow-in-the-Dark Radio. Host, author, and narrator Mike Luoma presented the early chapters of the book in draft form on the podcast last year. The early, finished chapters have never been podcast. Free, original, independent science fiction each week on Glow-in-the-Dark Radio

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Music by Kevin MacLeod ( / Show theme - "Hitman". Alibi Jones Short Story theme - "Echoes of Time".

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