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Posted By Alibi Jones

Are you an artist? Would you like to join the world of Alibi Jones? We're putting together the 2nd issue of The Adventures of Alibi Jones for Earthbound Comics. Issue one was pretty well received - here are a couple of reviews:


Lead artist Meisha from issue one has committed to a short story for #2, but time constraints prevent him from taking on the main feature of the book. I need to find a new artist to step in for the 21 - page story Alibi Jones: Vacation - Alibi and his girlfriend Katie head to the planet Paradise, but instead of finding R&R the discover a coup going down! It's science fiction, but most of the action takes place planetside. There's lots of people running around with guns...


Intrigued? Maybe we can work together.


You can see Meisha's interpretation of the character through the link above, to give you some idea of where we're starting from. While book one was black and white, book two will be in color. I'd love to find an artist who can deliver colored pages. I'd like to be thinner and younger, too... can't always get what you want, as Jagger put it. So I'm open to pencilers and penciler/inkers, too.


Earthbound Comics is a small company headed by Ben Ferrari. I've been the production manager for just over a year. For compensation Earthbound usually provides a print comp to each member of the creative team and copies at cost to sell on your own. Because I'm doing the production work gratis, Ben also gives me and my teams a percentage of back end profits on our books. As my collaborator on this story, I'll cut you in on a percentage of story ownership and profit depending on your level of contribution. As I'm the writer, the letterer and production guy in one, that pie doesn't get sliced too thin. Which is good, the pies have been small - but they're growing.


Putting that all out here because I like to be transparent about all this. If it sounds workable to you, please get in touch with me - Mike Luoma - at glowinthedarkradio (-at-) gmail (-dot-) com.