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Posted By Alibi Jones
At least, the ebook version is, over at They make my book available in just about every ebook format there is, so no matter what you read your ebooks on, you should be able to read and enjoy my adventures! Here's a coupon code so you can get the book for just 99 cents through September 27th, 2009: NR38S This is so cool - I finally get to share my adventures with you! The print version will be available from Lulu soon, and Mike Luoma is recording and editing the audio book, so that's coming, too!
Posted By Alibi Jones

My Aunt Anita just celebrated another birthday. She doesn't want me to tell anybody how old she is! I recorded birthday footage for her scrapbook. Here's the transcript. She thinks it's funny, that's all that counts!



     Hello. My name is Alibi Jones. Uh, Jones isn't really my original last name, but it's what I've been calling myself for the last ten years. I didn't really want to use either my father or my mother's name. My Aunt Anita said I could choose my own. So I chose Jones. My aunt raised me. When she wasn't busy running the universe! She used to be the head of the Solar Alliance, the Prime Representative of the SA, Anita Capituna. She's not really my “aunt”, but I've always called her that. She's been awesome. And I'm not just saying that because it's her birthday! She's been like both a mom and a dad to me.

My biological mom, Ruth Kim, is locked away in an institution. She's, um, what they call “criminally insane.” She snapped when I was about three. My father is long dead. He died when I was really young. My mom, uh... murdered my father. That's kinda where the whole “criminal” part of her insanity came in. You could say I've got issues!

Alibi” really is my first name. Got that and my slightly Asian good looks from my mom. Aunt Anita tells me I get my restless nature and my uncanny knack for getting into trouble from my father. I never knew my father, Bernard Campion. Everybody called him “BC”. Yeah, he is THAT “BC”. The one who ended the war and brought the alliance together to fight off the Eldred and the Ancient Enemy, Dolomay. Kind of weird to learn about the father you never knew in your history class at school. No, you probably never heard about me. My father didn't even know I existed until the end. He met me the day he died.

I kind of remember that day. You know how old memories are. Stuff you remember from when you were very young seem kind of dim. But something that traumatic kind of sticks with you. I remember being in a giant church, and I remember her shooting him. I remember him falling. Kind of fucked up. I mean messed up. Sorry, Aunt Anita. That's ancient history now, almost twenty-three years ago. This is now! It's 2035, the world's a different place!

The post-war baby boom helped us all move into space, as annoying as those kids are. I call them kids, ha! They're just a couple of years younger than me, but they act so entitled, you know what I mean? People went overboard with that whole “golden children” thing. Spoiled them all! Self-centered, arrogant... what? Sorry. They piss me off... Anyway, since the colonies are where the excitement is, that's where they've been going to find fame and fortune or something. Guess I'm just annoyed because I was there first!

Posted By Alibi Jones

There's a guy I know on Ceres Central who's an old-fashioned artist. Mike draws on paper, if you can believe that! He drew this picture of me. I like it, but I think I'm a little too dark:


Alibi Jones


This is Katie. She's the sister of a guy I know. She's missing. He says she's been kidnapped! I figured I'd put her picture up here, maybe it will help: