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Posted By Alibi Jones

Wrap yer ears around SIX new short stories featuring Alibi Jones - live as of today at! Follow this link for your free downloads:


The Adventures of Alibi Jones

Six science fiction audio short stories – a chronicle of Alibi Jones’ exploits across the expanse of the Solar Alliance and beyond!

Travel with Alibi from Earth to the asteroid belt – from the human colony of Cat’s Eye to the alien water world of Kee’Ere – from a lost, unnamed orb on the fringes of explored space to a planet that should not be called Paradise.

Alibi Jones is a mediator for the SAIF – Solar Alliance Interplanetary Force – but that doesn’t stop trouble from coming his way!

Posted By Alibi Jones

The Adventures of Alibi Jones #1 came out from Earthbound Comics on October 1st – now an audio book with the three stories from that comic, plus three more new Alibi stories, comes out this coming Wednesday, December 28th! The Adventures of Alibi Jones: Six Short Stories audio book collection features three stories of about a half hour length and three shorter stories that clock in at just over ten minutes each, and gets released at this Wednesday. The Podiobooks folks created a Facebook event to help promote the book’s release. Please stop over and say you’ll "attend" – you don’t have to go anywhere – and help me spread the word by inviting your facebook friends, if you’re so inclined:

This new audiobook is the perfect entry point for new readers, so I’m hoping to get some more folks checking out my books with this one.

The stories:

Blind Eye – Alibi runs into an old flame at a diplomatic function. Shirra is helping to sell a new colony that a now suspicious Alibi has never heard of... Also appears in Podioracket Presents: Glimpses, at The comic book version, with art by Meisha, can be found in The Adventures of Alibi Jones #1 published by Earthbound Comics.

Father’s Day – The story of how Alibi met his father BC – the Vatican Assassin! A variation on the final chapter of the Vatican Assassin Trilogy from the perspective of three year old Alibi Jones. The comic book version, with art by Rhys ap Gwyn, appears in The Adventures of Alibi Jones #1 published by Earthbound Comics.The Vatican Assassin TrilogyVatican Assassin, Vatican Ambassador and Vatican Abdicator – are all available at

Vacation – Paradise isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. What with the coup and all. A revised telling of a story that originally appeared in the anthology Podioracket Presents: Visionaries. A comic book version is in the works.

In Over His Head – Some negotiations offer more challenges than others – sometimes for the oddest, yet most natural of reasons. The comic book version, with art by Juan Carlos Quattordio,is in the anthology Earthbound Comics Presents #1.

About Time – An old friend arrives with a big new problem. Related: is time travel really possible? The comic book version, with art by Meisha, is in The Adventures of Alibi Jones #1 published by Earthbound Comics.

The Wishing Stone – A tale of alien archeology and ancient power. As always, you should be careful what you wish for... – A never before seen or heard short story exclusive to this collection!

More at and!


Finally, a little something for you for the holidays – a free eBook! Get a free download of the prose version of "Alibi Jones: Vacation" – the audio version of which comes out as part of the new collection on Wednesday! Get it here: