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Posted By Alibi Jones
Into the future with ALIBI JONES! Presenting Alibi Jones and the Hornet's Nest in Full, Final Draft form for the first time EVER! Because you demanded it! Well not so much demanded as responded nicely to a survey, actually. But you get the idea. And you get the Brand-New audio!

We began with Chapter One last week. Things are still just beginning to develop in Chapter Two, you can dive right in. Plus, Mike Luoma gives you a little set-up before the chapter to bring you up to speed on Alibi Jones and his story.

There's news as well – a New Alibi Jones Omnibus eBook just came out! And the Alibi Jones eBook is now FREE pretty much everywhere except Amazon. Mike also brings you up-to-speed on a couple of comic book projects, and teases about a new, exclusive premium he'll soon be giving away free to mailing list members.

There is also a special dedication this week. I lost my Dad 10 years ago today. This episode is dedicated to him and his memory. I love you, Dad!

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