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Posted By Alibi Jones
Ready to join the search for The Star Seeds of Earth? A brand-new book – so new, it's a work-in-progress – Alibi Jones and the Star Seeds of Earth begins here, as Alibi Jones looks for the DNA delivery system of the ancient race who seeded our galaxy. In Vermont...

Original, independent science fiction written and performed by Mike LuomaGlow-in-the-Dark Radio! Free to listen, download and subscribe since 2006.  

The show now features music by Kevin MacLeod ( / The new show theme is "Hitman" and the Star Seeds of Earth theme is "Echoes of Time".  

When looking for new theme music, I was inspired by the use of Kevin MacLeod's music in the production of Paul E. Cooley's Derelict series – which you should definitely listen to, if you haven't already. You'll hear the Promo for it on this episode.  

As I retire his tunes, many thanks to my friend and collaborator Juan Carlos Quattordio for allowing me the use of his music for these many years!

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Get ALWAYS PUNCH NAZIS Volume 2 from Pilot Studios, as well as Volume 1, while supplies last, at

Find links and details for my stuff at and

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